Please see part of a reply I’ve had from the Vale of White Horse after applying for support for a Singing Competition recently..

‘Competitions are also proven to have a negative impact on the competitors who do not win and can actively discourage them from the subject matter’.

I’m also not sure how this encourages excellence and outstanding achievement among young people especially in the Arts.

(It’s interesting how many young people come back to compete in the Wantage Music Festival after not winning in previous years).

Please let me know if you agree or strongly disagree. If I get enough support I’ll get a petition going

How can amateur opera groups continue with increasing costs and declining membership? (I’m talking here about opera rather than musicals.)  Kennet Opera of Newbury are having to look closely at this problem over the next month or so. Should they perform lighter subject such as G and S? This might attract more acting members and prove more popular with audiences. One other suggestion is to have smaller, more transportable productions that could move to different locations. Opinions welcomed.