Hi Opera Lovers,

Some great live opera performances coming up locally in November.

Not only Kennet Opera with a double-bill of Dido and Aeneas/Sullivan’s the Zoo at Arlington Arts on 8/9 November with a matinee on 10th (come and see me sing!) but also City Lit Opera (fantastic young performers) are coming down again on Nov. 17 with another double-bill of ‘The Old Maid and the Thief/Orfeo and Euridice.

For more details of these performances/tickets etc. visit our Events page.

Wall of Silence?

Still no news from the Vale of the White Horse District Council as to why their grants dept. won’t sponsor any events with a competitive content.

I’d love to know why they think competition, especially in the Arts and Sports, is a bad thing and why they seem to be encouraging mediocrity.

Anyone involved in the Arts knows that excellence is achieved through examinations, competitions and auditions etc.

I rather suspect that no one in the Council knows why this ridiculous rule was introduced and seem incapable of revisiting it or changing it.

Enjoy your opera!